Public Orders

​Below is a listing of all Public Orders issued by the Board after January 1, 2022.  For Public Orders prior to this date, please search for the licensee / certifcate holder using Lookup a License.

Last updated: May 2, 2023

​Afegenui, Allan​LP53803 / MSPTP RNSummary Suspension​03/08/2022
​Afegenui, Allan​LP53803 ​Permanent Voluntary Surrender​04/27/2022
​Afegenui, Allan​LP53803 ​Consent Order of Denial of RN​​04/27/2022
Akhigbe, ​Imafidon ​MSPTP LPNOrder Continuing Summary Suspension​06/01/2022​
​Akhigbe, Imafidon​LPN Applicant ​Consent Order of Denial​08/24/2022
​​Akhigbe, Imafidon​MSLP-LPN ​Permanent Voluntary Surrender​08/24/2022
​Akhigbe, Imafidon​MT0130906 ​Consent Order of Reprimand​08/24/2022
​Angeh, Sheila​R248149Order Lifting Summary Suspension​02/23/2022
Angeh, ​Sheila​LPN Applicant ​Consent Order of Denial​06/01/2022
Angeh, ​SheilaR248149 / MT0091308Consent Order of Reprimand & Monetary Penalty​06/01/2022
Amgelo, David​A00059027 ​Order Lifing Suspension of CNA​​07/15/2022
Apollos, Dickson​A00106524 / MT0082409Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating CNA/MT​09/28/2022
​Ashafa, Lanre​A00052623​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating CNA09/28/2022
​​Ashime, Akalambi
​LPN Applicant ​Consent Order of Denial​01/25/2023
​Beasley, Samantha
Order for Summary Suspension
​Bitjab, Luc ​MT0053177Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Blade, Courtney​R224560Reinstatement of RN​02/23/2022​
​Bonolis, Sabrina​R205041 ​Order of Denial of Reinstatement of RN​01/03/2023
​Bosse, Jessica​R223034Modification Order​11/15/2022
​Breeden, Cynthia​R096845 ​Reinstatement of RN to Inactive​03/29/2022
​Brown, Dajuan​MT0095596Order Lifting Suspension​03/02/2022
​Brown, Gary​MT0094259Order Lifting Suspension​03/02/2022
​Brown, Michael​MT0019089Order Lifting Suspension​04/13/2022
​Brown, Willie​MT0101465Reinstatement of RN to Inactive​02/23/2022
​Burger, Alea​R152616Termination of Probation​08/26/2022
Carter, ​Sabrina ​A00046534Order Continuing Summary Suspension​06/22/2022
​Carter, Sabrina
​Default Order of Revocation
Castledine, ​Lori​CNA ApplicantDefault Order of Denial​06/22/2022
​Caulker, Alan​MT0052529 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Cephas, Zandra​A00062220Reinstatement of CNA​02/15/2022
​Chavala, Chiti​LP38504Order Lifting Suspension​02/15/2022
​Chikwe, Christogonus​LP550997Permanent Voluntary Surrender​03/23/2022
​Clark, Jinaki​R169578 Reinstatement of RN​​03/01/2022
Connor, Patrick ​MT0131737 ​Order Lifting Suspension​06/01/2022
​Corwin, Tiffane​R222331Order of Reinstatement of RN​12/09/2022
​​​Dabor, Foday ​MT0054585Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Daffia, Saffie​LP54555Summary Suspension​03/03/2022
​Daffia, Saffie​LP54555Order Continuing Summary Suspension​03/23/2022
Daffia, ​Saffie​A00064467 / MT0067944Consent Order of Reprimand​06/21/2022
Daffia, ​Saffie ​LP54555Permanent Voluntary Surrender​06/21/2022
​​DeBerry, Pamela​R156149Voluntary Surrender​04/27/2022
​Diaw, Khadidah
​LP53063​ ​Summary Suspension​07/27/2022
​Douglas, Lisa
​Order for Summary Suspension
​Epoge, Floradine​LP4491Order Continuing Summary Suspension​01/25/2023
​Farr, Bridgette​R220702 ​Order Continuing Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
​Faulkner, Howard​R176326 ​Termination of Probation​08/26/2022
​Faulkner, Howard​R176326 / CRNPOrder of Reinstatement of CRNP​12/21/2022
​Fofana, Amandu ​MT0056292 ​Lifting and Terminating Summary Suspension​03/16/2022
Fombat, Maria​LP54846 / MSPTPOrder Continuing Summary Suspension​06/22/2022
​Fomundam, MichaelA00104732​Reinstatement of CNA​03/01/2022
​Fontes, Tracy​R084763 ​Voluntary Surrender​04/27/2022
​Fox​, Ricardo ​MT0092146 / A00131168 ​Final Order of Suspension of CNA/MT​09/01/2022
​Freeman, Stephanie​R105687Reinstatement to Inactive Status​11/22/2022
Gray, ​Faith ​A00180169 ​Consent Order of Reprimand & Monetary Penalty​06/01/2022
​Gillespie, Nickoy​A00169550 ​Voluntary Suspension​07/27/2022
​Greene, Tiara ​MT0105447Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Hicks, Nathaniel ​MT0089804 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Hieronimus, Jacqueline​R171535Reinstatement to Inactive Status​11/15/2022​
​H​ill, Shelley​R227386 ​Default Final Order of Suspension of RN License​09/15/2022
​Hogan, Glenn​R213659 ​Order for Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
Holland, Mikeya ​MT0114112 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Holland, Towanda​A00028953 / MT0045614Voluntary Surrender​03/23/2022
​Holley, Frances ​R205103Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating RN​09/28/2022
​Hutchison, Rebecca​R180676 / A00080309 / MT0042466 ​Consent Order of Probation​04/27/2022
​Ibach, Michelle
​LP44069 ​Order for Summary Suspension​01/25/2023
​Iheanacho, Obiageriaku
​Voluntary Surrender
​Irungu, Pauline​LP52564 ​Summary Suspension​03/29/2022
​Irungu, Pauline​LP52564 ​Order Continuing Summary Suspension​04/27/2022
​Irungu, Pauline​A00099755 / MT0067167Default Final Order of Revocation of CNA/MT​09/15/2022
​Irungu, Pauline​​RN Applicant ​Default Final Order of Denial of RN​09/15/2022
​Irungu, Pauline​LP52564 ​Permanent Revocation of RN License​11/15/2022​
​Ishola, Olayemi​LP54996 ​Summary Suspension​03/03/2022
​Ishola, Olayemi​LP54996Order Continuing Summary Suspension​03/23/2022
​​Ishola, Olayemi​LP54996Permanent Voluntary Surrender​08/24/2022
​Jackson, Daniel ​R206126Default Final Order of Suspension of RN License​09/15/2022
​Jefferson, Khalilah​R147535/CRNPOrder for Summary Suspension​08/01/2022
​Jefferson, Khalilah​R147535/CRNPOrder Lifting Summary Suspension​08/24/2022
​Jefferson, Suzanne​R119748 ​Termination of Probation0​1/10/2023​
​Johnson, Shatarra​LP53308Termination of Probation​08/09/2022
​Johnson, Shelley​R238842Default Final Order of Suspension of RN License​09/15/2022
​Jones, Sidney​MT0087654Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Kelley, Trudy​R178458, A00078656Voluntary Surrender​01/25/2023
​Kennedy-Bailey, Suzette​R164110 Permanent Voluntary Surrender​06/01/2022
​Kirk, Lisa​R192301Reinstatement/Probation​02/02/2022
​Kolander, Trina​R161268Reinstatement to Inactive Status​12/06/2022​
​Kuebeck, Amy​R176454Reinstatement to Inactive Status​11/22/2022
​Langhorn, Dwayne​A000126373 ​Order Lifting Suspension​02/15/2022
​Lawson, Darrick​MT0048904Order Lifing Suspension of MT​07/15/2022
​Leatherbury, Nya​MT0108078Denial of Reinstatement​02/15/2022
​Lermond, Andrew​R151806Denial of Reinstatement to Inactive Status​03/01/2022
​Maina, Harun​LP47916Reinstatement of LPN​04/13/2022
​Mallory, Charles​R177113Denial of Reinstatement of RN​03/08/2022
​Mambock, Lionette​A00150542Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating CNA​09/28/2022
Matthews, Marika ​A00127791 ​Voluntary Surrender​06/01/2022
​Mayo, Leslie​LP51568 O​rder Continuing Summary Suspension​02/23/2022
​Mayo, Leslie​LP51568Voluntary Suspension​07/27/2022
​McGhee, Rama​MT0094329Order Lifting Suspension​04/06/2022
​Meyer, Tammy​R227620Default Final Order of Suspension of RN License​09/15/2022
​Miller, Clarence​A00127874 ​Order for Summary Suspension​11/07/2022
​​Miller, Clarence​A00127874Order Continuing Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
​Mitchell, Anthony​MT0063617Denial of Reinstatement​04/06/2022
​Moore, Kristen​MT0014153Denial of Reinstatement​04/06/2022
​Ngamalue, Leskie​MSPTPContinued Summary Suspension​07/27/2022
Ngati, ​Emeldine​LP53429 Permanent Voluntary Surrender​06/21/2022
Nnabugwu, Adidake ​R208283  Denial of Reinstatement​06/01/2022
​Nwosu, Happiness​R171878 / CRNPReinstatement of CRNP / Probation​04/06/2022
​Occhiolini, Robin​A00029916 ​Revocation​03/08/2022
​Odeboh, Akanji​A00162401 / MT0032257Order Lifting Suspension​04/13/2022
Oluyemo, Margaret ​A00132520 / MT0081257Consent Order Terminating Probation of MT & Consent Order of Probation of MT and CNA​06/01/2022
​Omotosho, Layonu​R109064Reinstatement of RN​03/22/2022
Omodu, ​Edmund ​LP50171 Order of Reinstatement of RN to Inactive Status​06/01/2022
​Park, DanielR167952​ ​Termination of Probation​01/10/2023
​Parsons, Crystal​MT0125394Order Lifting Suspension02/23/2022​
​Philphot, Frances​A00023019 Revocation​​03/08/2022
​Pierre, Bridgette​LP53482Consent Order of Reprimand of LPN​09/28/2022
​Pierre, Islande​LP52899Order Continuing Summary Suspension​02/23/2022
Pierre, ​Islande ​A00103413 / MT0062414 ​Voluntary Surrender​06/01/2022
Pierre, Islande​LP52899 ​Permanent Voluntary Surrender​06/01/2022
Pierre, ​Islande ​RN ApplicantConsent Order of Denial​06/01/2022
​Pilia, Mychal​R213201 / CRNP-MidwifeConsent Order of Probation​01/26/2022
Plonicik, Karen​R158862Order of Reinstatement of RN to Inactive Status​06/22/2022
Popoola, ​Adebayo ​A00101970 / MT0044762 ​Order of Termination of Probation​06/01/2022
​Posey, Jennifer
Order Lifting Summary Suspension of RN/Dismissal
​Powers, Rebecca
Reinstatement of RN04/13/2022​
​Quacoe, Jeanne
​A00132123 / MT0081026
​Order of Reinstatement of CNA and MT / Order of Probation
​Reikie, Chelsea​A00151166 / MT0126570 ​Default Final Order of Suspension of CNA/MT Certificate/Terminate Probation of CNA/MT​09/28/2022
​Ritch, Kar​MT0113340Default Final Order of Revocation of MT​09/15/2022
​Ritch, Kara​CNA ApplicantDefault Order of Denial of CNA Certificate​11/15/2022​
Robinson, ​Ericka ​​MT0126107Order Lifting Suspension​06/01/2022
​Robinson, Ivan​R197474 / CRNP ​Voluntary Surrender of RN/CRNP​12/14/2022
​Robinson, Jeffrey​MT0129317 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Robinson, MonicaA00081638 / MT0020968 ​Order Lifting Suspension​04/21/2022
​Rochester, Melvin​LP154655Voluntary Suspension​07/27/2022
​Roecker, Maureen​R137697Order for Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
​Rollins, Reginald​MT0093397 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Richmond, Lauren​R170196Reinstatement of RN​03/23/2022
Sackey, Winifred​LP54002 ​Order for Summary Suspension​06/08/2022
​Sasu, Gloria​R167571 ​Order for Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
​Schech, Robert​R133141Reinstatement to Inactive Status​11/15/2022​
​Schloer, Laura​R224392Order for Summary Suspension​08/01/2022
​Schloer​, Laura ​R224392Order Continuing Summary Suspension​08/24/2022
​Sesay, Mabinty​LP45433Reinstatement to Inactive Status​02/02/2022
​Shambaugh, Jana​A00181096 Summary Suspension​​04/07/2022
​Shambaugh, Jana​A00181096 ​Order Continuing Summary Suspension​04/13/2022
​Shambaugh, Jana​A00181096​ ​Summary Suspension​07/27/2022
​Shambaugh, Jana​A00181096Order Continuing Summary Suspension​08/24/2022
​Shaw, Amadu​A00202508Consent Order Granting CNA/Probation​08/24/2022
​Skipper, Randy​A00133600Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating CNA​09/28/2022
​Smith, Deborah​R178576 ​Consent Order Terminating Probation/Consent Order of Reprimand/Order of Probation​09/28/2022
​Smoot, Jeanne
​R112789 / CRNPVoluntary Surrender of CRNP​04/27/2022
​Spillman, Byran
Order Lifting Summary Suspension of RN / Dismissal
​Staines, Danielle

​R204769Reinstatement of RN / Probation​03/22/2022
​Stone, Holly
Termination of Probation
​Tarawallie, Abu​R242843Denial of Reinstatement of RN​03/29/2022
​Thuku, Gladys​R238876 ​Order for Summary Suspension​01/25/2023​
​Tingle, Vanja​MT0086576Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Tonui, Leonard​MT0060402 ​Order Lifting Suspension and Reinstating MT​09/28/2022
​Travers, Jasmine​R067911
​Default Final Order of Suspension of RN License​09/15/2022
​Truitt, Katie​R201359 / A00109737Suspension​03/08/2022
​Turner, Yvette​LP43676 ​Termination of Probation of LPN​01/26/2023
​Udoh, Christine

​R203213/LP43412​Termination of Probation​08/09/2022
​Uyammadu, Kenechuwu
Order of Reinstatement of MT
​VanWhy, Hannah​R199293Consent Order of Probation​01/25/2023
​Washington, LakesshaR181354Summary Suspension​​02/23/2022​​
​Washington, Lakessha​R181354 / A00061781 ​Voluntary Surrender​04/27/2022
​Webb, Lillian

​LP26627 ​Voluntary Suspension​07/27/2022
​Wentz, Neil
Order for Summary Suspension
​Wentz, Neil
​Order Contnuing Summary Suspension
Westbrook​, ​Gary​LP23956 ​Voluntary Surrender​06/21/2022​
​Whitcomb, Barbara
​R169358 ​Order Continuing Summary Suspension​12/14/2022
​Williams, Krystal
​Order Lifting Summary Suspension of MT  /Dismissal
Winder, Margesetta ​MT0105133 ​​Order Lifting Suspension​​04/25/2022
Yassin, Kassim​LP39524 / MT0023844 ​Order Lifting Suspension​06/08/2022

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