Certified Medication Technicians

​Verification of Medication Technician Certification

Medication Technician certification can be verified on-line. A medication technician can be verified using name or certification number. Mailing addresses and Social Security Numbers do not appear for security reasons. The information can be printed for facility files. The Board asks that the on-line verification be used as the primary source for verification of certification. The Board discontinued printing certification cards as of April 1, 2007.  Certification cards can be duplicated and there is a problem with imposters in the State. The on-line verification is secure and updated frequently Monday through Friday.


Initial Certification To Become A Medication Technician 


Renewal of Medication Technician Certification

NOTE: Medication Technicians will be able to renew on-line 60 days before and 30 days after the expiration date of their certification (the 28th day of the certificate holder's birth month). Information about the web site is included in the CMT's paper renewal application and through the links below. 
  •  General Instructions - Renewal of the Medication Technician Certificate
  •  General Instructions - Medication Technician Clinical Update
  •  Instructor's Checklist for Renewing Medication Technicians using the Mail-in Renewal Application
  •  Instructor's Checklist for Renewing Medication Technicians using On-line Renewals 
  •  Instructor Request form for Medication Technician Renewal Applications
Medication technicians who wish to request an application may send an e-mail to Jaray Richardson (jaray.richardson@maryland.gov). Please include your full name, Medication Technician Certification Number, and current address in your request to avoid any delays.