How to Become a Medication Technician


.04. Qualifications for Applicants for Certification.

A. An applicant for MT certification shall:

(1) Be 18 years old or older; and
(2) Submit to the Board:

(a) An application to the Board on the form required by the Board and signed by the RN that taught the applicant's medication technician training program;
(b) A current passport photograph; and
(c) The required fee;

(3) Be of good moral character; and
(4) Except for individuals listed on the medication assistant registry before October 1, 2004, provide evidence satisfactory to the Board of successful completion of a Board-approved MT training program.

B. An applicant for MT certification may not have:

(1) Committed any act or omission that would be grounds for discipline or denial of certification under this subtitle; or
(2) A record of abuse, negligence, misappropriation of a resident's property, or any disciplinary action taken or pending in any state or territory of the United States against any certificate or license issued to the applicant.

C. An applicant for MT certification from any other state, territory, or country shall meet all requirements of this chapter.

Complete through Maryland Register Vol. 43, Issue 14, dated July 8, 2016.


Last modified: 8/8/2016