FAQ - How do I inactivate my CNM certification?

​Question: I have a Maryland RN license with advanced practice certification as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). It was issued last year and expires next year.

I am starting a job as an RN in another (non-compact) state. I was told that I cannot get RN professional liability insurance since I am licensed an APRN (CNM).

I am requesting to inactivate my Maryland CNM license. Please let me know what I need to do for this.

Answer: A review of the regulations indicates that there is no provision in the Board's CNM regulations for inactivation of the CNM certification itself.  Rather, the regulations speak only to the date that CNM certification expires (CNM certification runs concurrently with the renewal period for the RN license).
The only way to "inactivate" the CNM certification is to apply for inactive status for the underlying RN license.  That process is governed by HO section 8-309(b), which requires that the licensee submit a "biennial application for inactive status" and pay the applicable fee. 
Once the RN license is inactive, the nurse will no longer possess one of the minimum qualifications for certification as a CNM.  Hence, the CNM certification would also be listed as inactive (with the reason being a lack of minimum qualifications).
updated 9/5/2016