FAQ - Delegation & Practice - Chemotherapy

QUESTION: I am a compact state RN. Can you please inform me at your earliest convenience whether specific advanced credentialing is required in the state of MD. for RNs to administer high risk chemotherapy agents via central lines in a clinic setting? Thank you in advance for your time.
RESPONSE: Thank you for contacting the Maryland Board of Nursing with a question about chemotherapy. Please see this excerpt from the Annotated Code of Maryland (regulations): Infusion Therapy Acts-RN
 . . . .
B. The RN, upon completion of a second specialized educational program in infusion therapy which includes didactic content and a clinical practicum consistent with the standards established by the ONS or other bodies approved by the Board and with documented evidence of clinical competency, may perform the following additional infusion therapy activities:
(1) Administer antineoplastic agents; 
(2) Aspirate fluid from an intraventricular reservoir; 
(3) Administer fluids and medicatios via an intraventricular reservoir; 
​(4) Manage implantable pumps by programming and filling with fluids and medications; 
(5) Insert, repair, and remove PICC and midclavicular catheters; 
(6) Insert and remove midline catheters; 
(7) Manage specialized catheters for analgesia; 
(8) Remove nonsurgically placed central and arterial catheters; 
(9) Administer pharmacological agents to de-clot or restore blood return; and 
(10) Repair a catheter.
Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission: to advance safe quality care in Maryland through licensure, certification, education and accountability for public protection.
updated 9/21/2016