Endorsement Approved Nursing Programs

​Attention all RN & LPN Endorsement Applicants: All Nursing Programs outside of the State of Maryland, territory, or country must be approved by the Board as part of the licensing process. See Md. Code Ann., Health Occ. § 8-302(b) and Code of Maryland Regulations ("COMAR") 10.27.01.A(3)(b)

Click here to view the approved schools:
Maryland Board Approved Out of State RN Nursing Programs.

Maryland Board Approved Out of State LPN Nursing Programs.​

***If your program is not on the list of Approved Out of State Nursing Programs, please provide the Board with the Name of the Nursing Program, Dean or Director of Nursing, and the email address to MDBON.NETS@maryland.gov. ***

Updated 2/24/2020