COVID-19 Executive Orders

2020-03-12 Extension of Certain Licenses, Permits, Registrations and Other Governmental Authorizations​ and Authorizing Suspension of Legal Time Requirements
2020-03-16 Relating to Various Healthcare Matters
2020-03-19-3 Augmenting the Emergency Medical Services Workforce
2020-03-20-1 Authorizing Reimbursement of Audio-Only Health Care Services
2020-03-20 Office of Legal Counsel - Interpretive Guidance - COVID19-04
2020-03-21 Maryland Department of Health - Designation of Health Officers to Issue Quarantine and Isolation Directives and Orders
2020-03-23-1 Amendment of 3/19/2020 Order Prohibiting Large Gatherings and Events, Closing Senior Centers, and Closing All Non-Essential Businesses and Other Establishments
2020-03-23-2 Initiating a Process for Authorization of Laboratories in Maryland to Develop and Perform COVID-19 Testing
2020-03-23-3 Prohibiting Excess Profits on Certain Goods and Services
2020-03-23​ Maryland Department of Health - Regarding Various Healthcare Matters 
Gatherings-FOURTH-AMENDED-3.30.20.pdf2020-03-30 Amending and Restating the order of March 23, 2020, Prohibiting Large Gatherings and Events and Closing Senior Centers, and all Non-essential Businesses and Other Establishments, and Additionally Requiring All Persons to Stay at Home
20200401-Telehealth-Amended-4.1.20.pdf2020-04-01 Amending and Resating Order No. 20-03-20-01 to Further Authorize Additional Telehealth Services
2020-04-15​ Requiring Use of Face Coverings Under Certain Circumstances and Requiring Implementaions of Certain Physical Distancing Measures 
2020-05-19 Authorizing Covid-19 Testing by Licensed Pharmacists
2020-07-01-1 MDH Amended Directive & Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters​
2020-11-10-01 Amended Driective and Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters
2020-11-10-02 MDH Order - Amended Directive and Order Regarding Food Services Establishments
2020-11-10-03 MDH Advisory - Large Gatherings, Essentail Travel, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Programs
2020-11-10 MDH - Covid-19 Clinician Letter
2020-11-10-01 Amending and Restating the Order of October 13, 2020, Allowing Reopening of Certain Businesses and Facilities, Subject to Local Regulation, and Generally Requiring Use of Face Coverings
2020-12-08-01 Vaccination Matters​
2020-01-01-01​ Amended Vaccination Matters
2021-03-09-03 Health Care Matters Revised
2021-06-15-03 Delaying Expiration of Nursing Licenses

Public Notices and Communication from the Board of Nursing

3/23/2020​ Notice: Suspension of certain provisions and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act ​
3/24/2020 Notice to all Licensees & Certificate holders
20200325-mbon-Health-Care-Providers-with-Prescriptive-Authority.pdf3/25/2020 Notice to all Licensed Health Care Providers with Prescriptive Authority​​
3/26/2020 Advisory Letter: Suspended, Revoked, and Surrendered Licenses and Certificate/Probation Orders 
20200402 - MHEC Letter.pdf4/02/2020 MHEC letter: Simulation formatted clinical programs and Alternative course format
20200402 - Covid19-Blanket-Waivers-508C-final.pdf4/02/2020 Notice to CMS Health Care Providers: Covid-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers
20200402 - MIEMSS Clinical Extern.pdf4/02/2020 Notice: MIEMSS Clinical Extern
20200402 - NBCRNA . APRNS Waivers.pdf4/02/2020 NBCRNA letter: APRNS Waiver
4/13/2020 Policy Brief: U.S. Nursing Leadership Supports Practice/Academic Partnerships to Assist the Nursing Workforce during the COVID-19 Crisis
4/13/2020 Joint Statement of FSMB, NABP, NCSBN on Inappropriate Prescribing and Dispensing of Medications During the COVID-19 Pandemic
4/13/2020 Nursing Education During the COVID-19 Crisis
4/13/2020​ Maryland Board of Nursing will accept simulation formatted Practices in place of students going to clinical sites
4/13/2020 HHS Secretary Letter to States Licensing Waivers
4/13/2020​ HHS Guidence to States on Regulations on Healthcare Workers
4/16/2020 National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) APRN Certification Extension/Waiver Policies - COVID-19 Update
2020-04-24​ Health Care Provider Travel into Maryland​
5/02/2020​ Amended Executive Order regarding nursing home matters
5/06/2020 MDH Sec Order - Amended Various Healthcare Matters
5/19/2020 MDH Notice - Criminal Procedure Title 3 Individuals
5/19/2020​ Amended Directive and Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters
6/12/2020 Amended directive and order regarding various healthcare matters
6/15/2020​ Updated information about Covid-19 testing
12/01/2020 Nursing Education - Simulations formated clinical practices and student placeents in clincal sites
12/17/20 Policy Brief: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

updated 12/17/2020