Nursing Assistant Certification

Certification Status & Renewal
General Information About Nursing Assistant Certification
  • General Information About Nursing Assistant Certification - Defines the various types of Nursing Assistant certification available.
  • Facts About Nursing Assistant Certification - Who must be certified and the training requirements to obtain certification.
  • Student Nurse working as a CNA - What are the training & certification requirements of a nurse working in this position?
  • Certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant-Dialysis Technician
How To Be Certified As A Nursing Assistant
  • Methods Of Obtaining Nursing Assistant Certification 
  • Obtaining Initial GNA Certification
  • Fact Sheet for Out of State (Endorsement) Applicants
  • Checklist for Nursing Assistant Endorsement Applicants
  • Request for a Nursing Assistant Application
  • Scholarship Information
  • Transferring a Maryland CNA Certification to Another State
Nursing Assistant Training Programs
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    Information on Initial CNA or GNA Certification
    Information on CNA Renewal
    Information on CNA Endorsement​
    Information on Initial Medication Technician Certification 
    Information on Medication Technician Renewal
    Information on CNA-DT certification
    Questions about Nursing Assistant training programs