Criminal History Records Check

What is a Criminal History Record Check? 

A Criminal History Record Check(CHRC) is a process used to verify that a person is who they claim to be. A CHRC will include both a State and national criminal history records check conducted by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services’, Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). The records will be maintained in the Maryland and FBI databases for further identification purposes. In 2006, House Bill 1318 and Senate Bill 769 was passed requiring Criminal History Records Checks for all new RN, LPN and CNA applicants. Also, a selected population of RN, LPN and CNA renewal applicants will be required to complete a CHRC to renew an existing license or certification. 

Do I Need a Criminal History Records Check?

  • If you are applying for your license or Certificate (RN, LPN, CNA) for the first time in Maryland, you are required to submit to a background check.
  • If your certificate or license has been NON-RENEWED FOR MORE THAN 12 MONTHS, you are required to submit to a background check. 
  • If you have been informed by the Board that you need a background check for whatever reason, you are required to submit to a background check.
  • If you are applying for your Medical Technician Certificate, you are NOT required to submit a background check at this time. 

When Do I Apply for A Criminal History Records Check?

The Board recommends that you submit your fingerprints for the CHRC no earlier than six (6) weeks before the date you intend to complete your INITIAL license or a RENEWAL application. The Board is only authorized to retain CHRC information for 90 days. If the CHRC is over 90 days, the applicant will be required to contact the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) at 410-764-4501 to have the CHRC resent to the Board. 

How Do I Apply for A Criminal History Records Check?


  • You have the option of using a Maryland Location to have your fingerprints taken. IF YOU HAVE YOUR FINGERPRINTS TAKEN IN MARYLAND, YOU MAY FOLLOW THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTS WITHIN MARYLAND.
  • If using a location outside of Maryland, you must request a fingerprint card by either:
    • Writing to CJIS-Central Repository at P.O Box 32708, Pikesville, Maryland 21282-2708 to request a blank fingerprint card; OR 
    • Calling the CJIS Central Repository in Baltimore City at 410-764-4501 or toll-free number 1-888- 795-0011 to request a blank fingerprint card. 
  • If you obtain a blank fingerprint card from CJIS, you must have the Maryland Board of Nursing’s Agency Authorization and ORI Numbers available as follows. 
    • INITIAL RN and LPN Applicants: 
      • Agency Authorization #: 9300000850 
      • ORI#: MD920480Z 
      • Reason: RN/LPN Initial 
      • Position Applied For: MD Ann. Code Health Occ. §§8-303, 8-304 
    • INITIAL CNA Applicants: 
      • Agency Authorization #: 9300000850 
      • ORI#: MD920480Z 
      • Reason: CNA Initial 
      • Position Applied For: MD Ann. Code Health Occ. §§8-303, 8-6A-0 
    • RENEWAL RN/LPN Applicants: 
      • Agency Authorization #: 0900006155 
      • ORI#: MD920499Z 
      • Reason: RN/LPN Renewal 
      • Position Applied For: MD Ann. Code Health Occ. §§8-303, 8-312 
    • RENEWAL CNA Applicants:
      • Agency Authorization #: 0900006155
      • ORI#: MD920499Z
      • Reason: CNA Renewal
      • Position Applied For: MD Ann. Code Health Occ. §§8-303, 8-6A
  • Complete the fingerprinting card and take it with you to the fingerprinting site.
  • After having your fingerprints taken, be sure to get a receipt and to ask for a tracking number.
  • Mail the fingerprint card and the associated fee to CJIS-Central Repository, P.O Box 32708, Pikesville, Maryland 21282-2708
  • Please include a check or cashier’s check made out to “CJIS Central Repository” for the appropriate fee. For the current fee schedule visit 

Can I Have Fingerprinting Done for Another Reason or Another State/Federal Agency?

Results of a CHRC in another state or conducted elsewhere in Maryland cannot be sent to the Board. Each entity/agency/employer has a unique authorization code from CJIS and the FBI. The responses are sent directly to the appropriate agency. CHRCs cannot be shared between entities/agencies/employers. You have to submit a CHRC for the Maryland Board of Nursing. 

How Long Does it Take?

If the fingerprints are taken at a State Police barracks or CJIS office that is set up for electronic fingerprinting, results will be returned in one week. Please do not contact the Board to verify receipt or submit receipts. The Board receives electronic CHRC notifications within 72 hours. When you receive your CHRC results (by mail), the Board receives results at the same time. Do not call the Board to verify receipt of your CHRC results. Board staff will not verify receipt of results. Retain your receipt in your records. 

How does the Board Review Positive CHRC Results?

Positive results are considered by the Board on a case-by-case basis. The Board must consider numerous factors. If you receive a request from the Board for additional information, please submit your response as quickly as possible so delays in the process can be avoided. 

What Can Delay My Application? 

  • The name on your Licensure or Certificate Application must match the name on your CHRC fingerprint request. 
  • Do not send your Original Fingerprint Card to the Board of Nursing. It will be discarded. 
  • Do not send payments for CHRC to the Board.
  • Do not submit your fingerprints earlier than 6 weeks before the date you intend to complete your initial license and/or renewal application.
  • Send documents requested by the board as quickly as possible to avoid delay. To speed up the process collect the documents before applying if you have a positive Criminal History or answered “Yes” to a Felony or Misdemeanor. 

What is the Best Way to Contact the Background Review Department?

The best way to contact the Background Review department is through email at If you have been in contact with any of the staff, then mention the person by name in your email. 

Where Can I Find More Answers?

You can get more answers by reading the FAQ document at Review Criminal History Record Checks FAQs​.

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