Board of Nursing Vacancy Announcement - Nominations Requested: Open Until Filled

In accordance with Health Occupations Article, §8-202, as amended, the Board has 14 members: 9 registered nurses (RN), 2 licensed practical nurses (LPN), 2 consumer members, and 1 LPN, RN , or Advanced Practice Nurse.  Two of the registered nurse members shall be advanced practice registered nurses and the additional member shall be a licensed nurse who is either a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or advanced practice registered nurse.

Board membership has vacancies for Registered Nurse, AA Educator; Registered Nurse, Acute Care Nurse; Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice; and Registered Nurse, Licensed Nurse positions (Educators position must possess at least a Master's degree).


The criteria for members is outlined in the Health Occupations Article, §8-202, Annotated Code of Maryland.

·         Terms are for four (4) years.

·         All Interested candidates must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of this State.

·         Candidates must have an active unencumbered Maryland Registered Nurse license.

·         Candidates must have at least 5 years of experience, including at least 3 years immediately before appointment.

·         Board member duties:

·         Attend monthly Board meetings held consistently on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 9:00 AM; however, on Tuesday at 2:00 PM and Wednesday at 9:00 AM every other month; at the Board office in Baltimore. All meetings have an Open (public) and Executive (closed) session. The meetings normally last until 5 PM. Members receive a per diem plus standard state travel allowances. There are attendance requirements in order to remain a board member.

·         In addition to the monthly meetings, members serve on Board committees and work groups including, but not limited to, discipline, case resolution, credentialing, regulation development and special focus groups.

·         Board members may be asked to testify before the General Assembly regarding legislation that affects the individuals it regulates and health care consumers.

·         Board members are subject to the State Ethics Law and are required to file an annual financial disclosure with the State Ethics Commission.​


Please note that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and may be interviewed by a subject matter expert. The Governor appoints all board members with the advice of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Consumer members are appointed by the governor

All interested applicants must submit the following four documents in order for their application to be considered:

1.    Biographical Information Form (attached)

2.    Appointee Exemption Disclosure form (attached). This form is required by the State Ethics Commission (SEC) and instructions on completion the form are attached. On the form, applicants should request an employment exemption for all current employment related to their license. Applicants that are self-employed, own or co-own a business related to social work need to request a financial exemption. Applicants may contact the SEC at 410-260-7770 with questions or to request guidance.

3.    Current resume or curriculum vitae

4.    A nomination from at least one of the following:

·         The Maryland Nurses’ Association;

·         Any other Professional Nursing Association representing at least 25 registered nurses; or

·         A valid petition submitted by a registered nurse with an active Maryland license.


The application and accompanying documents are to be submitted via e-mail or fax to:

Kim Bennardi, Administrator DHMH Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations Phone: 410-767-4049 Fax: 410-767-6489

Any additional questions


Names of nominees can be submitted by professional associations or by petition from the nurse seeking an appointment to the Board of Nursing.  A petition shall be signed by 25 nurses who have active unencumbered Maryland licenses representative of the applicant’s practice.  A LPN applicant seeking appointment by petition shall have 25 signatures from nurses  in his or her category.


All interested applicants are required to submit a formal application through the Governor’s Appointments Office website at  Applicants will be required to upload their resume during the online application process. All applicants will be required to complete the Appointee Exemption Disclosure (AED) form.  If appointed the AED form will be filed with the State Ethics Commission and becomes a public document.  The State Ethics Commission recommends that all applicants request an exemption for employment and if they own or co-own a business.  The Commission can be reached at 410-260-7770.

updated 5/05/2021

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