Advanced Practice Registered Nursing: Nurse Practitioners

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The requirement for NP attestation as a condition of practice in Maryland has been repealed and Attestations will no longer be required after October 1, 2015.
There is a new bill which requires each new applicant who has never been certified as a CRNP in this or any other state to name a mentor on their application for certification who is either a certified Maryland CRNP or Licensed Maryland Physician.  There is no administrative burden attached to the mentor; the Board of Nursing will not have to approve, monitor or keep a list of mentors. The NP's application will serve as proof that they have named a mentor.  The mentor is required for 18 months starting with the day the NP submits their application to the Board of Nursing.  This requirement will only apply to CRNPs who have never been certified in this or any other State.
Nurse Practitioner Attestations and Addendums
The following is a list of Nurse Practitioner Attestations approved during the last three (3) Board meetings. If your name is on this list, you have already been approved to work. There is no need to call the Board; no approval letters will be mailed. 

The following are copies of monthly Attestation & Addendum Approval Recommendation lists as they were submitted for Board approval. These lists may also be used for Attestation verification. The current month’s list will be posted within 48 hours after the Board meeting is held. 
Nurse Practitioner Programs Approved by the Board
The Maryland Board of Nursing must review and approve all Nurse Practitioner Programs before certifying applicants as Advanced Practice Nurses (COMAR
If your Nurse Practitioner program is not listed as "Board Approved" (click here for list), print and submit the "Nurse Practitioner Program Approval Form" to your school. DO NOT complete this form yourself.  
These regulations and all other COMAR regulations can be found at the Division of State Documents -


E-Mail The Board With Questions about Advanced Practice Applications,
 Certification, and Renewal 

​updated 1/30/2020