Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Advisory Committee

​The Board is asking members of the CNA, LPN and RN community to apply for appointment to the CNA Advisory Committee.  Current committee members have been volunteering as a committee member for quite some time and it is now time for these members to be replaced with new members.

The CNA Advisory Committee assists the Board by performing the following activities:
  1. Evaluate training programs and make recommendations for approval by the Board;
  2. Develop and recommend Certified Nursing Assistants/Certified Medication Technician (CNA/CMT) regulations
  3. Evaluate CNA/CMT candidates as required and recommend action to the Board; and
  4. Review investigations of complaints against CNAs or CMTs and make recommendations to the Board of disciplinary action.

The CNA Advisory Committee meets one morning each month for approximately 3 hours.  The 14 Advisory Committee members serve a four year term.  The Board may choose to appoint a member for a second term.  The composition of the Advisory Committee is as follows:

  1. Six members must be nursing assistants:
    i. One shall be an acute care nursing assistant  (CNA);
    ii. One shall be a home care nursing assistant  (HHA);
    iii. One shall be a long-term care nursing assistant  (CNA/GNA);
    iv. One shall be an adult medical day care nursing assistant  (CNA)
    v. At least one of the nursing assistant members shall be a member of a union; and
  2. Three members shall be registered nurses:
    i. One shall be an acute care registered nurse;
    ii. One shall be a home care registered nurse; and
    iii. One shall be a long-term care registered nurse;
  3. One member shall be an administrator from a licensed health care facility;
  4. One member shall be a licensed practical nurse  (LPN);
  5. One member shall be an individual who teaches a Board approved CNA course (RN);
  6. One member shall be a consumer member who has received care; or has a family member who has received care form a nursing assistant; and
  7. One shall be a representative of the Department (DHMH).
  8. Alternates – The Board shall appoint (2) alternate members in the event that a CNA member is unable to participate as a member of the committee.

The resume which you submit for appointment to the Advisory Committee should contain the following information:

  1. full name, address, contact phone number and email address
  2. current CNA certification number; or current LPN or RN license number, current nursing position, name of employer and category of position you are applying for (see item 1 through 7).
  3. Description of past employment history including length of time at each position.

Please send your resume by e-mail with the Designation “CNA Advisory Committee Application” to Cheyenne Redd, Director of Licensure & Certification by email to cheyenne.redd@maryland.gov. The Board will review all applications and make all appointments to the Advisory Committee.  The Board considers geographical representation where possible whenever making committee membership appointments.

Advisory Committee Meetings - 2017

Meetings start at 9:30am except for Nov and Dec and they start at 1:00pm.

​January 12, 2017 ​February 09, 2017 ​March 09, 2017
​April 13, 2017 ​May 11, 2017 ​June 8, 2017
​July 13, 2017 ​August 10, 2017 ​September 14, 2017
​October 12, 2017 ​November 2, 2017 ​December 7, 2017
updated 7/20/2017​​